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Our furnitures and our kitchen bodies are exclusively created with multilayer or blockboards produced in Italy and they present technological features of resistance, durability and quality clearly higher than the one of the popular chipboard panels. In regards to formaldehyde emissions, panels are all of E1 class (more information is in the technical area).
Our furniture and kitchen’ shutters are created in MDF or in multilayer and, by request, also in solid wood of every type.

The drawers, mainly in birch multilayer, are custom-made depending on the needs of customers.


Lines, drawings, writings and all your mind can imagine. There is no end to the immagination. You could personalize your furniture with exclusive production, bossage panels, 3D reliefs to render your furniture a unique and unrepeatable piece.


We are able to procure different finish types, all personalizable in brilliance and color, such as, for example, the transparent or tinged finishes that emphasize a wood drawing.
The polyurethan lacquering is synonomous with great elegance and quality for the product; it guarantees, in fact, a result which is extraordinary to the touch and of great planarity and fluidity.
The shiny lacquering job will be the touch of class your product needs, giving to it a never seen before brilliance.
If, instead you prefer an antique-looking lacquer it is certainly because you are looking for something out of ordinary.
Also possible, on demand, is the water veneer finishing.
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If you are tired of the usual wood you can choose among a wide range of wood texture. Pre-composed woods, unique for design and color will make your furniture inimitable.
Wood textures are created with a particular productive process which “peels off” the wood, tinges it with nontoxic colorants, and rebuilds the trunk that is then cut.
Noble wood coloured veneers are redesigned to create designs and colors never seen before!

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